Pearce Renewables: Your Trusted Partner in Solar Engineering and Renewable Energy Solutions

April 17, 2023


As the world continues to move toward sustainable and renewable sources of energy, solar power has emerged as a leading energy solution. At Pearce Renewables, we have expanded our professional service offering to provide Design Engineering Services for both green and brown-field PV and hybrid projects. Pearce’s track record as an industry leader in Telecommunications Engineering sets the standard for our Solar Engineering Team. We offer scalability, time-tested and refined processes and tools, and an existing team of key customer service-oriented personnel who are meeting the needs of our Solar and Energy Storage customers.

The Pearce Approach to Solar Engineering:

At Pearce Renewables, we put site operations and maintenance first. We understand that the quality of a site's design will lead to long-term savings by reducing operational expenditure over the lifespan of the equipment and site. Therefore, our approach to Solar Engineering is centered around providing customers with an end-to-end, solution-oriented development process that ensures all our customer’s needs are met.

Troubleshooting and Diagnosis:

Regardless of the site conditions, Pearce employs a holistic solution to operations and maintenance. If an existing site is experiencing sub-par PV production, our skilled field technicians can troubleshoot and diagnose system problems and nonoptimal conditions to serve as input information for the Solar Engineering team. Where aging sites require replacements or upgrades, Pearce explores all available options to value engineer the system by testing that it is not only repowered properly, but also that the system maintains compatibility in the case of future changes.

Strategic Partnerships:

Partnering with Pearce during the early developmental stages of a site yields efficiency stacking opportunities over the development cycle. These opportunities include design engineering, design review, and construction management. Following commissioning, we also provide whole-life cycle O&M services. Developers, financiers, and key stakeholders want to know as soon as possible if an opportunity will be held up and what unforeseen cost implications there may be. This is where the Pearce Engineering value addition starts.

Greenfield Sites:

Pearce’s Solar Engineering team can oversee and offer guidance to Greenfield site development processes from inception to production. With preliminary feasibility studies qualifying the site, Pearce aims to have all pre-construction requirements of a project identified and/or completed before costs are incurred that will not yield tangible results, improving target ROI probability. Having all necessary design considerations prior to the commencement of design heavily mitigates risks to both the project schedule and budget. We also offer end-to-end maintenance of the sites we service, including land-management, environmental impact compliance, and weather-based maintenance repair modeling.

Professional Engineering Talent:

With internal professional engineering talent already in place, Pearce Solar Engineering is ready and able to meet any new and existing site design needs in the C&I and Utility PV space. We are committed to ongoing training, industry-leading technology, and continuous improvement. With selective hiring processes, Pearce’s newest Design Engineers receive professional engineer oversight after completing a comprehensive 4-week training program followed by ongoing professional development to keep them on the forefront of the industry.


As a trusted partner in renewable energy solutions, Pearce Renewables is committed to providing our customers with high-quality, safe, efficient services that meet their needs. With our focus on site operations and maintenance, and our expertise in the field, we are now excited to meet all our partners’ Solar Engineering needs as well. Do not hesitate to include Pearce Renewables in servicing your evolving renewable energy project portfolio.

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